Campfire Candles

Campfire Candles

Our garden and the market have really kept us busy this year. We had a really great market season and are so thankful for all of the new friends we've made. Now that it's cold and the garden is over for the winter, I'm in a candle making mood. I love burning candles but over the last decade or so a lot of scary information has emerged about burning paraffin wax, so I stopped burning candles. This year, however, I decided to make some clean burning soy wax candles. I had the idea to name our new line of candles, campfire candles, because I miss a nice campfire in the winter. We don't have a fireplace and I was missing that relaxing time sitting by the fire. Using wood wicks really gives me a similar feeling. The wood wick crackles and the burning wood is mesmerizing, it really is. I decided to use small 8 ounce mason jars with the word "mason," debossed on the jars. There's something cozy about the word "mason," don't you think? I've topped them all with a rusty antique looking lid. 

My favorite part about this candle is that the wood wick burns the soy wax evenly all the way down.  It can be a frustrating part of candle burning, and so far, the wood wick has performed perfectly.

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Your Campfire Candles are Awesome. Will be buying them forever.


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