About Us

Lyons Creek Local, LLC is a husband and wife team running a very small farm business in Junction City, Kansas. We have a passion for growing everything!  From all kinds of rare heirloom vegetables, native berry producing shrubs, and exotic fruit trees like apples and figs. We have a small flock of chickens who live in a chicken mansion and are rotated between two very large outdoor pens full of all the greens they can eat. To help with pollination on our farm we also manage a hive or two of honeybees. We use all natural farm practices and only use high quality certified organic pesticides if absolutely necessary. 

In addition, our business model includes a soap company and a candle company. We have 10 years experience making soap and candles and it's a labor of love! We are committed to using all natural products and making sustainability a top priority. We are the creators and owners of the brands, Sunflower Soaps and Campfire Candles.

Our Sunflower Soaps are made with pure 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients. We source 50% of our ingredients here in the State of Kansas. The sunflower oil is grown and processed by our friends at Wright Farms located in Bird City, Kansas and the beeswax comes from our own honey bee hives when we have it, otherwise, we source it from other local farms.

Our Campfire candles are made with our own original blends of essential oils, and fragrance oils that are NOT subject to the California Prop 65 warning. We use sustainably harvested wood wicks and soy wax from soy grown in the U.S.A. 


 7079 E Lyons Creek Road, Junction City, Kansas 66441 (Not a public location)