Comparing cucumbers

Comparing cucumbers

We are finally harvesting cucumbers!  We thought it'd be fun to introduce you to the three heirloom cucumbers we are growing this year. 

The first one on the left is called Japanese long cucumber. It has dark green and slightly prickly skin. It's long about 8-10 inches and thin. 

The middle one is called Ancash and resembles a cucumber you'd find at the grocery store. It's about 5 -7 inches. 

The one on the right is an Aonaga cucumber. The skin of this cucumber is light, slightly speckeled, and smooth. It's about 6-10 inches. 

When it comes to flavor, all are slightly different.   

The Japanese long cucumber has a thin, crunchy skin and a very mild flesh. This cucumber has almost no bitterness. 

The Ancash has the typical cucumber flavor,  slightly bitter flesh,  tougher skin,  great slicer. 

The Aonaga cucumber has a light and sweet flesh with a tougher skin. It looks the most different than cucumbers that many here are used to.

How do you like your cucumbers? 

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